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Policy and Research Department

The Policy and Research Department is in charge of undertaking studies and inquiries on the state and effectiveness of competition in different sectors, industries and / or markets of the economy, in Eswatini.  The Department works closely with other Departments in the Commission. It is cognisant of the fact that different sectors, industries and / or markets of the economy are often prone to market disruptions which are sometimes anti-competitive and likely to compromise the welfare of consumers. Therefore, studies and market inquiries assist the Commission to understand how sector, industry and market in the economy operates so as to devise strategies that can enhance competition and promote consumer welfare. Market studies also explore various areas and issues that have an impact on functioning of the market for consumers, such as choice, quality, safety, health, sustainability, prices and information, as well as consumer understanding, behaviour and decision making.

The Department undertakes scoping studies and market inquiries in accordance with Section 11 (2)(f) of the Competition Act, No. 8 of 2007.

Objectives of the Policy and Research

  • To conduct studies that shall contribute in the formulation of the country’s policies;
  • To enhance the Commission’s knowledge on competition and consumer related issues of a specific sector, industry and / or market through research;
  • To contribute in the assessment of mergers and investigation cases; and
  • To conduct market impact assessment, post an investigation.