The Legal Advisory Office falls under the Office of the Executive Director. This office is responsible for the legal and compliance aspect. The office provides legal support and input to all the departments of the Commission and the Board of Commissioners.


The Office’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Advising both the Secretariat and the Board of Commissioners on legal matters;
  • Manages the Commission’s litigation in all matters related to the Commission’s operations and is responsible for instructing attorneys and briefing Counsel; Providing input and legal support to on-going cases or cases that are about to be instituted;
  • Negotiates and concludes settlement agreements;
  • Ensures that all actions and decisions of the Commission are within the confines of its mandate as stipulated by law;
  • Coordinates with relevant departments to ensure decisions of the Board of Commissioners are fully implemented;
  • Spearheads the review of the legal framework;
  • Organising, preparing agendas and taking of Board minutes; and
  • Ensures that the Commission provides legal and sound advisory opinions to the public in compliance with the Competition Act of 2007.