Eswatini Competition Commission

The Eswatini Competition Commission (“Commission”) is an independent statutory body that is established under section 6 of the Swaziland Competition Act No. 8 of 2007 for the purpose of encouragement of competition in the economy by controlling anti-competitive trade practices, mergers and acquisitions, protecting consumer welfare and providing an institutional mechanism for implementing the objectives of the Act and other matters incidental thereto. The Commission is also responsible for administering the Fair Trading Act of 2001 which is a consumer protection statute.

The key role of the Commission is to monitor, regulate, control and prevent acts or behaviour which are likely to adversely affect competition amongst businesses in the country.

The Commission is made up of two sub bodies, the Board of Commissioners and the Secretariat. The Board of Commissioners is the policy governing body. The Board is also charged with the function of adjudicating over all investigations and merger review conducted by the Secretariat. The Secretariat is the investigative arm of the Commission, it conducts all investigations into anti-competitive behaviour and performs merger review of all transactions captured by the Act.

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Eswatini Competition Commission

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We are the Eswatini Competition Commission; we promote economic growth by ensuring fair competition within the economy.

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Our Departments

The Consumer Protection Department is a department responsible for promoting consumer welfare by seeking consumer complaints redress, initiating and conducting investigations to ensure no unfair trading practices happen, educating traders and consumers regarding their obligations and rights respectively, and providing advisory opinions as and when requested.

The Policy and Research Department is in charge of undertaking studies and inquiries on the state and effectiveness of competition in different sectors, industries and / or markets of the economy, in Eswatini.

The Mergers and Acquisitions Department solely deals with all issues pertaining to mergers and acquisitions of businesses operating within the country, and of businesses that have business activities in the Kingdom.

Cartels and Enforcement Department


Legislation And Guidelines

Physical Address

Eswatini Competition Commission
Highlands View (Moutain Inn area) 

Emoyeni Road, Mbabane

Telephone Number:

(+268) 2 404 0111/0421