Who We Are

Our mandate

  • The Eswatini Competition Commission was established in 2007 to provide for the encouragement of competition in Eswatini’s economy by controlling anti-competitive trade practices, mergers and acquisitions, protecting consumer welfare and providing for an institutional mechanism for implementing these objectives. We monitor, regulate, control and prevent acts or behaviours which are likely to adversely affect competition in the country.
  • Our functions include investigations in relation to the conduct of businesses and mergers, the provision of information for the guidance of consumers regarding their rights, the publication of reports and studies regarding the operation of the Act, advising the Minister on matters relating to the Commission, and cooperating with regional and international bodies engaged in the enforcement of competition law and the promotion of a competition culture.

Mission & Vision

  • Our mission is to create and promote a fair and competitive environment that fosters economic growth and enhances consumer welfare.
  • Our vision is to be a credible, reliable and efficient consumer and competition authority for nurturing a fair and competitive business environment.