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Notice of extension of investigation: Case No. EC/INV/O2/2018 (INVESTIGATION INTO THE MARKET FOR THE SUPPLY OF SCHOOL UNIFORM)

Request For Expression of Interest: Selection of Individual Consultants. CONTRACT NUMBER: SWAZI/SADC/TRF/2017/1/17  

World Competition Day – press statement  

Public Notice on recall of certain pilchard products  

Response to COVID 19 Notice  

Notice of adjournment of investigations

Notice of extension of adjournment of investigations

Message to His Majesty King Mswati III on his birthday

Excessive Pricing Notice  

Request for proposal for the Procurement & Implementation of an Electronic Document Management System to ensure efficient and effective records management

Updated Notice on Liqui-Fruit Grape Flavoured Still 330 ml product recall  

Unfair Price Increase and Misleading Conduct Notice – January 2021

Invitation To Business Engagements 2020/2021: Hardware and Retail

Eswatini Business Engagements in Hardware Retail 

Birthday Message to His Majesty King Mswati III 

Press Statement Issued in Terms of Regulation 12(3) of the Competition Commission Regulations of 2010 – April 2021  

Notice of Adjournment of Investigations in Terms of Section 13 (1) (e) of the Competition Act of 2007 / EC/INV/01/2021 

Notice of a Formal Investigation In Terms of Section 11 (2) (a) of The Competition Act of 2007 Read With Regulation 12 (1) (a)(c) of The Competition Commission Regulations Notice of 2010