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A. Details of Complainant Person/Organization
Particulars of person making the complaint
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Contact No:
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Fax No:
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Email Address:
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Are you making this complaint on behalf of an organization (e.g. a company, association, partnership, or society)? Yes > No
If yes, Please provide the relevant information relating to the organization below.
Contact No:
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Fax No:
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Email Address:
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B. Who are you complaining against?
Names of the merging parties you are complaining against:
Contact No:
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Fax No:
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Email Address:
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C. Relationship

What is your relationship with any of the company you are complaining about?










No Relationship

D. Details of Complaint

Nature of anti-competitive activity complained against:

> Fixing Prices
> Bid Rigging (Collusive Tendering)
> Sharing Markets
> Limiting or Controlling Production/Investment
> Conduct by Dominant Company which has the effect of hamming competition (e.g. predatory pricing)
Other Reasons:

What are the goods and services to which the anti-competitive activity relates?

Please describe the anti-competitive activity you are complaining about and explain how it affects you or the organization you are representing:

When did this anti-competitive activity start?
Is this anti-competitive activity still continuing?
If not, when did this anti-competitive activity end?

Please list all evidence supporting your complaint and email/fax all such relevant documents to us (info@compcoms.co.sz / faxNumber): (e.g. agreements, minutes of meetings, business documents, circulars, correspondence, notes of telephone conversations etc.)
Please also identify any part of the information that should be treated as confidential.

E. Description of the merger
Please describe the merger and the products/ services in which the merging parties are involved.

Has merger occurred? Yes > No

If your answer is "yes", please state when the merger occured
If your answer is "no", please state when the merger is going to occur:
Has knowledge of the merger been made known to the public? Yes > No
How did you come to know about the merger?
Please list the relevant markets which you believe competition has been adversely affected by the merger:

Please explain how you believe competition in those relevant markets has been or will be adversely affected by the merger. For example, is the merger likely to result in:
i) an increase in prices;
ii) a drop in output and/or product choice, quality or innovation;
iii) significant weakening of any competitor's ability to compete in the market (e.g. by raising competitor's costs or by preventing competitors or others from gaining access to essential inputs or distribution channels); or
iv) increased difficulty for new firms to enter any market.

How does the merger affect you or the organization you are representing?

F. Details of other parties who may be able to provide further information regarding your complaint
Name of Party Contact Details
G. Declaration
> I certify that the information is true, correct and made in all good faith. I note that section 42# of the Competition Act makes it an offence to supply false or misleading information to the Swaziland Competition Commission.




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